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GP LED is a product of Green Power Solutions Provider, Inc.

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    LED Tube Light
    • T8 LED Tube Light, T8 LED Tube Light with Infrared Sensor, T5 Tube Light with Integrated Fixture
    LED Bulb Light
    • MCOB LED Bulb
    LED Panel Light
    • LED Panel Light
    LED Ceiling Light
    • LED Down Light Series
    • LED Emergency Light Kit
    LED SpotLight
    • LED Spot Light and LED Flexible Wall Lamp
    LED Pendant Light
    • LED Pendant Light, LED Down Light Surface Mounted
    LED Grill Light
    • COB LED Grill Lamp “Multi-Movable”
    LED Light HV Driverless Series
    • LED Super Light HV Driverless Series
    • LED Flood Light HV Driverless Series
    • UFO LED Highbay Light Driverless Series
    LED Strip Light
    • Digital LED Strip Light
    • Digital Neon Flex
    • Touch Panel Series
    LED Flood Light
    • COB LED Flood Light
    LED Swimming Pool / LED Underwater Light
    • LED Swimming Pool / LED Underwater Light
    LED Canopy Light
    • LED Canopy Recessed Light
    LED Street Light
    • LED Street Light Series-H
    LED Wall Lamp
    • LED Wall Lamp
    UPS, AVR, and Batteries
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    Other Electrical and Electronics Equipment
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