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About the products

GREEN POWER SOLUTION PROVIDER INC. Energy Saving LED Lighting Solution plays an essential role in people’s lives. People rely heavily on various kinds of resources for their daily needs and as a result of excessive exploitation of our natural resources, the world is now facing a global energy crisis further triggered by the fast-paced economic development. Energy conservation has now become a global issue wherein the government and other private industries are becoming actively involved and moving towards finding solutions that will help save the environment and our natural resources from depletion.

GREEN POWER SOLUTION PROVIDER INC. will be glad to assist you with your needs for the best, cost-effective, sustainable LED lighting solution for your dwelling or business structure. We are ever-ready to give you our full support for a more cost-friendly and greener environment for your home or business.

  • Green Power LED light saves you over 60% to 80% on electricity cost. You can choose our 16w or 20w LED tubes to replace the conventional 36w (total power 44wwith ballast) fluorescent tubes, and the energy saving rate is about 60 to 80%.

  • Green Power LED light offers low cost of ownership with payback period of less than one year based on energy savings alone and this can still be shortened considering other cost savings on maintenance and replacement, load on air conditioning, and special waste disposal.

  • Green Power LED lights helps conserve energy and save the environment for future generation.

  • Green Power LED lights are backed with three years warranty covering free LED lights and labor for replacement of faulty products.

Advantages of LEDs
  • High level of brightness and intensity - more vivid color of lighting, giving clearer images than low brightness lamps.

  • High efficiency - 70 to 80% more energy efficient than fluorescent light bulbs.

  • Low radiated heat - LED converts almost all of its electrical energy into visible light, thus very little energy is being emitted as heat. This helps reduce loading on the air conditioning system, also contributing in the reduction of electricity cost.

  • Lower light decay - LED light has less than 5% light decay after thousands of hour’s operation.

  • High durability and reliability - Its solid-state design allows LED light to withstand shock, vibration, frequent switching (electrical on/off shock), and environmental (mechanical shock) extremes without compromising its long life.

  • Environmentally friendly

    • Low Carbon content. It can reduce 0.69KG CO2 (US Standards) emission if you save 1KWH. Use LED tube to reduce the emission of CO2, protect the earth, and save ourselves.

    • Raw materials used strictly complied with RoHS.

    • The mercury (HG) from one fluorescent tube can pollute 22710KG pure water. LED tubes do not contain mercury.

    • No gas.

    • LED tubes do not emit UV or IR rays. Without ultraviolet rays for the LED light source, LED tubes do not attract mosquitoes and insects like conventional fluorescent tubes. Restaurants, hotels, and museums would appear cleaner and healthier if LED tubes are used.

    • LED tubes do not contain any hazardous substance. Fluorescent lights contain mercury and phosphor, which can be a cause of poisoning when the tube gets broken. LED tubes, however, do not have harmful chemicals and materials.

    • 100% recyclable.

  • Long source life - 50,000 hrs (5 to 6 years for 24-hr operation).

  • Virtually maintenance-free and easy to install - Works without ballast and starter, uses international standard bases, and is designed to be retrofitted into existing fixtures.

  • Reduction of Waste and Cost of Disposal

    • Longer lifetime results to less frequent replacement hence, reduced waste.

    • Since LED lights do not contain hazardous substances like Mercury and the entire component is 100% recyclable, additional cost for special disposal will be eliminated.

  • No flicker and glare - The flicker and glare coming from fluorescent lights (usually 100-120 times flicking per second) can be a cause of headaches and have been found to have an impact in learning and ability to concentrate. Though humans cannot see the flicker, the sensory system in some individuals can still detect it. Flicker usually has a potential problem only with lighting that requires the use of ballasts.

  • LED is cold light source - High efficiency conversions from electric energy to luminous energy, the LED tube produce only cold light and do not damage files, painting, clothing, and goods.

  • Lifespan of LED Lamps is NOT influenced by frequent switching On/Off.

  • Where are LED Lights best suited?

    • With a narrow beam angle, LEDs are suitable for spotlight features.

    • With high durability, LEDs doesn’t have to be replaced every so often, thus making it a suitable material to be used for hard to reach places.

    • Other lights, such as floodlights, when close together produces heat which can lead to problems such as fire or short circuit, LEDs on the other hand, release the minimal amount of heat.

    • LEDs do not have gas-filled tubes making it highly durable and suitable for shock-prone areas.

    • LEDs can be used for longer periods along with their long life span, thus generating more savings for the user.

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